martedì 30 ottobre 2012

Fab lab, officine nei nostri salotti

 " Gli addetti alle riparazioni sono praticamente scomparsi; se un apparecchio si guasta, spesso il servizio di assistenza post vendita offre l’unica soluzione di comprarne uno nuovo. È un progresso? Rifiutando la condizione di consumatore passivo di gadget, il movimento dei «fab lab», come quello dei software liberi, si propone di ridare spazio agli utenti......."

qui di seguito il link all'articolo :

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  1. Hello!

    I am a student doing a Master in Marketing at Copenhagen Business School, and together with another student, Virginia Cimino who I met while studying for a semester at Columbia University, we are in the process of writing our Master Thesis on 3D printers. Our thesis will be focusing on the Makers Movement, and on the next industrial revolution which will be enabled by the introduction on the market of 3D printers. Specifically, our investigation aims at understanding and predicting how the relationships between producers and consumers will evolve once the 3D printers will be present in every home. According to our view, in fact, companies should start right away to adopt these new technologies if they don't want to lag behind their consumers.
    We are also interested in analyzing how this innovation was born, how it evolved and how its diffusion is possible thanks to online communities. To do so, we are tracing the map of this huge network, and while describing the actors that are taking part in it, our researches showed that you are a crucial spokesperson for the spreading of the 3D printers.

    Therefore, we would like to have an interview with you in order to get deeper information on the subject and to hear your point of view. Let us know if it is possible to have a brief interview on Skype, or if we could send you a few written questions to answer.

    We hope you are interested in our project.

    Best regards,

    Virginia Cimino and Barbara Jimenez Fuentes